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There's nothing scarier than people your age doing better than you

"Anything for a friend."

"If I can't stand at the most inconvenient location, I will die."

Topical jokes from a Warner Bros. Discovery program I applied to. Applicants were asked to write from the POV of John Oliver, Samantha Bee, or Jon Stewart.

Spec for One for the Road. Heavy on speculation (as the show does not exist yet), but it is a project I was drawn to from the announcement in Deadline.

This was a writing exercise for a plot I was intrigued by. This is a display of skillset and writing strength.

Themes taken from the show's short synopsis: "[...] candid and intimate story of a talented but dysfunctional band struggling to survive the rapidly changing landscape of independent music in the early 2000s." Character inspiration taken from Lizzy Goodman's Meet Me in The Bathroom. These characters exist for the sake of the spec and nothing else. 

Spec script for Abbott Elementary. 

Janine attempts to resolve a petty issue with a student after stumbling upon her diary. Results vary.

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